Market Potential

Finding and tracking products are attracting more and more attentions. Annual sales quantity

in the US market achieves 10 million. The high frequency of issues such as lost children, lost

elders and lost things leads to the increasing of the sales for finders and trackers.

Nut Advantages

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness: Three years’ endeavors making Nut the leading brand in the field of anti-loss. More than 8000 hours’ hard working, Nutale GPS tracker is coming soon!

Scale Advantage

A team of 60 members focusing on the anti-loss filed. One of a kind. Top 1 market coverage with millions of annual sales quantity.

Technique Advantage

R&D team with 30 elites who come from China Mobile, Apple, Douban, YeePay, Lenovo, Ogilvy & Mather and ChinaSoft, have a strong ability in R&D, marketing and promotion, focused on solving the irritating problems such as losing and missing things.

Product Advantage

We have launched Nut Bluetooth tracker for 3 generations, 5 models and 20 colors. The Nut app has been updated for more than 20 times. Unique function of friends locating in Nut app. Top 1 product on sales quantity, quality, functions and user experiences compared with similar products. Cross-industry products such as anti-loss umbrellas, backpack and passcase have been launched. After more than 8000 hours’ hard working, the Nutale GPS tracker is coming soon.

Product Categories

Different products for specific channels to maximize the partners’ benefits.

Operational benefit mode leaves the distributors without worries.


1.Different products for specific channels. 2.Multiple choices for your options.

Brand Supports

  • Unified price system for online and offline
    sales, strict price protection policy.

  • Standard product images and detail pages.

  • POP promotional materials for offline sales.

  • One by one online sales and product training.

  • 24/7 customer service.

  • Professional marketing materials supports.



  • With legal and available business certificate-
    s and a fixed operational place.

  • With sales channels and experiences on sim-
    ilar products.

  • With high business reputation, management
    ability and forward-looking visions.

  • Take the promotion and sales of Nut produc-
    ts as a main business.

  • Obey the distribution agreement and work a-
    ctively with Nut Tech on the promotion and
    sales campaigns.

  • Cognize the market potential, demands anal-
    ysis and benefits control.

  • Work closely and confidently with Nut Tech.

Successful Cases




Sold in many retail chain stores in Asia, Europe and America.