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GPS locating, anti-loss and finding.


Nut - GPS locating, anti-loss and finding.

Nut app is a powerful application for locating. With it you can check your family member's real time location.The Nut app works together with the Nut smart tracker. Bind your Nut smart tracker with your important items to prevent them from losing.

One Touch Find

One touch on Nut App to find your items.

Smart Anti-loss

Nut App will alert you when items get disconnected with your phone in case of leaving them behind.

Left Phone Alert

Nut will alert you when it disconnects with your phone preventing loss.

Group Sharing

Share your Nut with others for group control, up to 20 accounts are supported.

Location Record

Nut App has real time location map, and will record the last connected location to help you find it back.

Lost & Found Network

All Nut App users will help you find your lost items back after declaring loss,
you can also share with your WeChat friends and ask them for help.

Smart-settings, flexible and easy

· Interim Silent:

  One touch to set the interim silent time for the meeting in case of
any interruption, the alert will automatically recover when time is up.

· Silent Region:

  Set the silent region to turn off the alerts at home or in the office,
the alert will automatically recover when out of this region.

· Silent Period:

  Set the silent period to turn off the alerts.

Personal Account

Industry standard security encryption ensures
you are the only one who can control your personal account.

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