Find easily!
Use Nut to find everything that's important to you, keep it from getting lost, make the life simple!
Find easily, never lost!
Nut products help you to find items easily, and prevent losing items. Nut is suitable for: keys, wallet, phone, passport, laptop, pets and anything else.
  • Alert Mode
    When the device is disconnected from the phone, both the phone and the device will alert to prevent losing items.
  • Ring The Device
    Open the app, ring the device to find items.
  • Ring Your Phone
    Double-click the device’s button, the phone will beep even though it is in Silent or Vibrate mode, it is easy to find the phone.
  • Location History
    When the device is disconnected from the phone, the app will automatically record the disconnected location. Location History helps to remember where and when the items is lost. (The app saves the Location History for three months)
Silent Mode
Choose Silent Mode, the phone and the device will not alert.
  • Interim Silent
    If you do not need reminders temporarily, you can set a temporary Do Not Disturb. After Interim Silent ends, the phone and the device will resume the reminder.
  • Silent Region
    Set your safe area by geographic location, so that you will not be reminded in a safe environment. If you leave the safe area, the app will resume the reminder.
  • Silent Period
    At night or during working hours, turn off reminders and let the device remind you at key times to reduce unnecessary reminders.
Open the app, find easily!
Nut app and Findthing app are suitable for different models of products. Please select the app to download according to the manual. If you just need to ring the device, download Findthing app; If you need all the functions, download Nut app.
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